Ester Gum

Ester Gum

ESTER GUM is a steam-stripped, glycerol ester of tall oil rosin. The process conditions of gum grade ESTER GUM is tightly controlled to ensure a resin that meets the highest standards set forth by the Beverage industry for consistent good taste and low odor characteristics. ESTER GUM has achieved the high quality once dominated by the gum grade resins made from wood rosin. This consistency and high quality is assured through a very special quality control screening.

ESTER GUM is available in both solid and pastille (bead) forms. We recommend, however, that shipment of the resin be taken in the solid form, rather than the beaded form. This would reduce the possibility of the resin being oxidized, which could ultimately affect the taste and odor characteristics.

Product Properties:

Specification Typical Analysis
Acid Value¹ 2 – 9 5
Softening Point (R&B), ºC² 80 – 86 80 - 82
Color Gardner³ 8 max. 6
Color, UDFS4 WG max. X
Specific Gravity, 25º/25º C5
Weight Per Gallon, 25 ºC, LB
Flash Point, Closed Cup, ºC(ºF)6
>93.3 (>200)

Carcinogenicity Listing :None

Primary Points Of Entry, Emergency And First Aid Measures:
Skin contact : If molten products contact the skin, apply cold water immediately. Obtain services of a physician immediately for burn treatment.

Special Precautions:Maintain good housekeeping  to control dust accumulations.DUST EXPLOSION HAZARD CLASS II. Handling of material should be in a accordance with NEPA if handled with flammable or combustible materials, the explosion hazard may increase. Flaked material may cause a dusting problem.
Waste Disposal: Disposal must be made in accordance with applicable governmental regulations.
Control Measures:

If dust is generated, wear NIOSH approved dust respirator or dust mask. Avoid ignition sources. Local exhaust recommended when generating excessive levels of airborne dust or vapors when heating resin wear general work gloves Wear safety glasses when handling solid resin. Use eyes goggles covered with faceshield when handling hot molten resin.


The chemical components of this products are listed  on the Toxic Substance Control Act.

The information contained in this material safety sheet is based on the best data of which we are aware and is believed to be correct as of the date thereof since the use of this information and the conditions  of use of this product are not within our control. it is the user’s obligation to determine the conditions for safe use of this product

Glycerol Ester Gum

  • ASTM D 803-83.
  • ASTM E 28-67, Ring and Ball.
  • ASTM D 1544-86 using Gardner. Color disk - 1963 standard.
  • ASTM D 509-70, Rosin Scale.
  • ASTM D 1963-74.
  • ASTM 93-85 by Pensky-Martens Tester.

Glycerol Ester Gum is approved for use under tittle 21C (Food & Drug) of the Code of federal Regulations.

Material Safety Data:

Product Identification:

Product Name:               Glycerol Ester Gum
Molecular Weight:           Mixture
Chemical family:             Rosin
Molecular Formula:         Mixture

Hazardous Component:

No permissible exposure limits have been established by OSHA.



Total Dust                     10 mg/M3
Respirable Dust            5 mg/M3

Warning :  May Form Explosive Dust / Air Mixtures.

Physical Properties:

Softening Point               82C
Boiling Point                   N/A F
Volatiles                          N/A %
Water Solubility               Neg
Specific Gravity              (Water = 1):1.06
Vapor Pressure               20C N/A mm Hg.
Vapor Density                 (Air = 1): Not Available
Appearance & Odour      Yellow to brown solid, slight odor

Fire & Explosion

  • Flash Point (Close Cup): 200F
  • Flammable Limits, LEL N/A%, UEL N/A%
  • Fire Fighting: Fire fighters should wear self-contained, positive pressure breathing apparatus to avoid inhalation of smoke and various, Use carbon dioxide, dry chemical or water to extinguish fires.
  • Extinguishing Media:Dry Chemical, Foam, and CO2
  • Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Dust will support combustion.
  • Other Precautions: Dust should not be allowed to attain a high concentration in a closed area, exhaust be forced ventilation Ground all equipment Explosion-proof motors and circuits recommended.


  • Stability - stable : Condition to avoid - None Known
  • Polymerization - will not occur:Condition to avoid - None Known
  • Hazardous decomposition products:None other than normal products of combustion.

Health Hazards:

Effects of overexposure:Dust can cause moderate irritation to eyes and skin. Maintain good hygienic practices.

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